• Abiljo Grading Bucket

    Standard Grading buckets

    We offer a full range of grading buckets for 1 to 60 ton machines available with or without bolt on cutting edges 

    By manufacturing ourself in house we can offer these at any width to suit your needs

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  • Tilting Grading Bucket

    Tilting grading buckets

    Our Tilting grading buckets are available for 1 ton mini diggers up to 40 ton large excavators. 

    Using large bore double double acting rams for precise, accurate and strong positioning.

    1 to 8 ton buckets have a single ram to save on weight. 13 ton and above models are available with single or twin rams

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  • Grading Beam for Excavator

    Grading Beams

    We manufacture a range of grading beams from 1200mm up to 3000mm wide for machine up to 25 tons. 

    Available with a tilting mechanism to allow up to 45deg tilt either way for machine without tilt rotators

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