• S series Nordic Cable Bucket

    S series Cable Buckets

    S Series Cable buckets for Tilt rotators. Available for all sizes of tilt rotator in various widths 

    With a longer floor and no teeth for easier working in tight areas

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  • Nordic Buckets

    S series digging buckets

    S Series tilt rotator digging buckets use the same profile as the cable buckets but with a shorter floor for better digging performance. Available with or without teeth 

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  • S series grading buckets

    S series tilt rotator grading buckets are available in various widths with tapered sides to allow for better rotation in tight areas

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  • Grading Beams

    Tilt rotator Grading Beams available with our without a roller for quick and accurate leveling of stone and soil sizes from 1200mm up to 3000mm wide for machines up to 25 ton 

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