• Spring Quick Hitch

    Spring Type Quick Hitches

    Spring type quick hitches are designed to offer a fast and efficient method to connect and disconnect attachments for various machines, particularly in construction and heavy machinery sectors. These hitches are compatible with machines that have pin sizes ranging from 25mm to 60mm, making them versatile for a wide range of equipment.

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  • Hydraulic Quick Hitch

    Hydraulic Quick Hitches

    Hydraulic quick hitches are advanced attachment tools designed for heavy machinery and construction equipment. Powered by the machine's hydraulic system, these hitches enable operators to change attachments directly from the cab without manual intervention.  These hitches are particularly tailored for machines with pin sizes between 45mm

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  • Quick Hitch for Excavator

    Wedge Type Quick Hitches

    Wedge type quick hitches are engineered for large-scale construction and earthmoving equipment, compatible with machines that feature pin sizes between 60mm and 120mm. Utilizes a wedge design for securing attachments, which provides a tight and secure fit, reducing wear and increasing the stability of the attachment.

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