• Abiljo Riddle Bucket

    Riddle buckets

    We offer a full range of riddle buckets for 1 to 50 ton excavators. 

    All with a heavy duty build specification, profiled riddle bars for maximum riddling performance and horizontal round bars for extra strength. 

    They are designed to work through stone, soil rubble and much more allowing it to be reused on site and minimise waste

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  • Abiljo Stone Rake

    Stone Rake buckets

    The stone rake buckets are a lighter weight rake attachment used for finishing top soil areas etc.  Normally with a 50mm gap (other sizes available) they are used to rake stones and roots etc out of top soil, and by using a standard cutting edge set back from the rake tips they can level at the same time saving the need for changing to a grading bucket 

    Available for 1 to 13 ton excavators 

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  • Abiljo Land Rake

    Heavy Duty Land Rakes

    Our heavy duty land rakes are available for 1 to 40 ton excavators. With 400HB tines and a thick wall tube top beam they are designed for heavy applications from pulling out trees and hedges to demolition work

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