• Abiljo Back fill Blade

    Back fill blade

    Back fill blades for pipeline and bulk earthmoving applications. 

    Available for 6 to 40 ton excavators. they have been designed and developed to allow a 360deg. excavator grade and move large areas of earth in more compact areas where there isnt space to use a bulldozer

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  • Cable Bucket

    Cable buckets

    Cable buckets are mainly for cable installation applications (fibre optics etc) typically only 80mm (other sizes available) wide but designed to dig to at least 650mm and normally used on 1 to 2 ton excavators

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  • Deep Digging Bucket

    Deep dig buckets

    Deep dig buckets available for 1 ton to 13 ton excavators allowing narrow trenches to be dug deeper than a std bucket we can build them to almost any width and depth to suit your need

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  • Clay Spade

    Clay spade buckets

    Clay Spade buckets are designed for digging in clay type sticky applications. 

    With a more open shape and low sides they allow the clay to be easily emptied from the bucket and not sticking in the sides

    Available for 1 to 13 ton excavators

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  • Concrete Pouring Bucket

    Concrete Pouring buckets

    Our Concrete pouring buckets are available in 2 sizes for 6 to 20 ton excavators. Available with dual fitment brackets for 6 and 13 ton or 13 and 20ton machines to alow full utilisation on site 

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  • Sweeper Brush for Excavator

    Sweeper brushes for forklifts and excavators

    We have a range of sweeper brush attachments from 1200mm up to 2450mm wide perfect for sweeping and tidying up yards and sites. 

    The standard brushes are designed to fit normal forkilft tines 

    We also offer an adapter that fits in place of the forks so the brushes can be used with 1 to 13 ton excavators 

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  • Excavator Thumb

    Excavator thumbs

    The excavator thumb is a cost effective attachment allowing a standard bucket to be used as a grab. 

    The thumb can be used for many applications where there is a need to move large items about occasionally, and can be folded up against the dipper when not needed 

    Available for 1 to 8 ton excavators 

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  • Square Hole Bucket

    Square hole and grave digging buckets

    The square hole and grave digging buckets have been innovatively redesigned to enhance their functionality, specifically for digging square holes with precision. Traditional digging equipment often creates rounded or irregularly shaped holes due to the curved nature of their digging surfaces. However, these revised buckets feature flat edges and angular corners that align perfectly with the desired square shape of the hole.

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  • Conversion Brackets

    Conversion bracket sets

    We supply conversion kits so you can alter a bucket from machine to fit another. 

    A set comprises of machined bosses, or weld in pins and 2 profiled plates with extra material so they can be cut and shaped to suit any attachment

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