• Earth Drills

    Earth Drills

    High quality hydraulic motors, output shaft bearings which are 50% larger than our nearest competitors comparable drive and the use of only high-grade materials. The latest manufacturing techniques is what makes this range of earth drills the market leaders. The extensive range of Auger Torque Earth Drills (also known as Auger Drives) gives you complete versatility, peace of mind and efficiency. Developed to work with all makes and models of parent machine, and complemented with a range of attachments, you will find an earth drill and attachment for your every need. With the versatility to easily switch between attachments depending on the job at hand, you can be sure that your Auger Torque Earth Drill will deliver, time and again.

  • Excavator Trencher


    The laborious task of digging a trench has been transformed since the advent of the Trencher Attachment. Auger Torque’s range of trenchers are available for a wide range of skid steers, mini loaders, backhoes and excavators up to 10 tonnes in weight and cover depths of up to 1.5 meters and widths up to 350mm, whilst spoil is piled neatly to the side of the trench by the integral auger. Using only the highest quality hydraulic motors that allow flow rates of up to 150LPM and Auger Torque’s planetary gearbox, means these trenchers have the reliability and power you need to ensure your trenching is carried out with ease.

  • Cone Crusher for Excavator

    Cone Crusher

    Whether it’s general clay construction brick, light concrete walling blocks, hollow concrete ‘breeze blocks’, concrete pavers, asphalt and more, the Auger Torque Cone Crusher is highly effective at crushing to an output produced material size of around 40-70mm. Ideal for use in applications including: foundation laying, track and yard surfacing, landscaping, roadways or using as a base layer below poured concrete or filling a disposal skip most efficiently.

  • Excavator Log Splitter

    Log Splitter

    Suitable for excavators from 1T – 5T and skid steer loaders, Auger Torque’s compact and robust log splitter makes light work of processing those fallen trees into manageable pieces, quickly and efficiently. As the log Splitter rotates, the self-guiding threaded body engages with the timber and draws the splitter into the log. The conical shape quickly works its way through the log, splitting the log in two. For larger logs, the Splitter can be repositioned to continue the split along the whole length of the log. The Auger Torque log splitter is a quick and easy additional attachment to your existing earth drill.

  • Excavator Stump Planner

    Stump Planer

    Removal of tree stumps is a job which, at best, is noisy, messy and time consuming. Traditional methods of removal, shower chippings over a wide area, making clean up a time-consuming exercise. The Auger Torque Stump Planer is the quick and easy additional attachment to any earth drill for the effective, easy and clean removal of tree stumps of any size and a must-have product for those working in ground preparation and woodland maintenance.

    Please note performance capability is dependent on input hydraulic pressure and application variants eg wood type. Please contact us for more information