• Abiljo Hydraulic Breakers

    Piikki Line Hydraulic Breakers

    The Piikki line breakers are a cost-effective and efficient series of hydraulic breakers designed to suit excavators ranging from 1 to 45 tons. These breakers provide reliable performance, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of excavation and demolition tasks. 

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  • Abiljo Rotating Selector Grabs

    Yellow line Rotating Selector grabs

    The Yellow Line hydraulic attachments, specifically the rotating selector grabs, are medium-duty hydraulic grabs designed for excavators weighing between 1.5 to 60 tons. These versatile grabs offer efficient handling solutions for various materials, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. 

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  • Abiljo Non-Rotating Selector Grabs

    Yellow line Non rotating selector grabs

    The Yellow Line non-rotating hydraulic attachments, specifically the selector grabs, are designed for use on tilt-rotators and in applications where rotation is not required. These specialized grabs are available for excavators ranging from 0.8 to 24 tons, offering precise and efficient material handling solutions without the need for rotation.  

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  • Excavator Compactor Plates

    Hopper Hydraulic Compactor plates

     Introducing the Hopper range of hydraulic attachments, including compactor plates designed for compacting a wide range of materials, from soil to stone and more. Our hydraulic compactor plates offer enhanced safety with minimal Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) risk when compared to hand-operated compactors. These attachments are available for machines ranging from 1.5 to 40 tons, providing efficient and safe compacting solutions for various applications. 

  • Hydraulic Pulverisers

    Hydraulic pulverisers

    Green Attachments Hydraulic pulverisers are versatile tools designed for primary and secondary demolition applications. These pulverisers are available with or without rotation, catering to excavators ranging from 4 to 70 tons. Explore our options to find the ideal solution for your demolition requirements, ensuring efficient and precise performance on the job site.

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  • Hydraulic Crushers

    Green Attachments Hydraulic Crushers are specifically crafted for primary crushing and demolition applications. These crushers are available for excavators ranging from 1 to 60 tons, ensuring powerful and efficient performance in various demolition tasks. Choose our hydraulic crushers for reliable and precise crushing operations on your projects. 

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  • Excavator Multi Processors

    Multi Processors

    Green Attachments Hydraulic Multi Processors are versatile tools designed for a variety of primary and secondary crushing as well as demolition tasks. Equipped with interchangeable jaws, these multi processors can handle different materials and applications with ease. They are available for excavators ranging from 4 to 60 tons, providing efficient and flexible solutions for your crushing and demolition needs.

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  • Excavator Wood Grapples

    Wood grapples

    Explore our Green Attachments Hydraulic Wood Grapples designed specifically for handling branches and similar materials. These grapples are available for excavators ranging from 1 to 25 tons and come with the option of rotation for added flexibility. Trust our wood grapples to streamline your operations with efficiency and precision. 

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  • Excavator Tree Shears

    Tree Shears

     Discover our Green Attachments Tree Shear attachments, suitable for excavators ranging from 2.5 to 16 tons. These attachments feature a fixed blade design, requiring only one operation for both holding and cutting. With the efficiency of a single hydraulic service, our Tree Shear attachments make tree cutting tasks straightforward and hassle-free. 

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  • Excavator Post Drivers

    Hydraulic Post Drivers

    Our innovative bottom mount adapters, designed to fit a standard hydraulic breaker, along with a driving cup to replace the chisel, enable any hydraulic breaker to be used for the quick and efficient installation of fence posts. With this unique setup, fence post installation becomes a seamless and efficient process, saving both time and effort

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