• Digging Bucket for sale

    Standard digging buckets (up to 8 ton machine inc. backhoe loaders)

    Our standard digging buckets for backhoe loaders, mini and midi excavators come with hardened cutting edges and bolt on teeth 

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  • Abiljo Digging Bucket

    Standard digging buckets for 8 to 80 ton excavators

    Our standard digging buckets for 8 ton machines and above come with 400HB cutting edges, horizontal wear ribs and Cat teeth as standard (other tooth options available)

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  • Abiljo Demolition Spec Bucket

    Demolition spec. buckets

    Our demolition specification buckets are designed and built for heavier demolition and high abrasion applications. not as heavy as the rock buckets but with 400HB cutting edges, wear ribs and main wearing areas. 

    Stronger side plates and extra wear castings on all the leading edges give maximum protection and durability over a standard digging buckets

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  • Abiljo Rock Spec Bucket

    Rock Spec. buckets

    Our specifically designed and built rock buckets offer maximum protection and durability in the harshest of conditions. 

    Built for digging at the quarry face. 

    Fitted with larger MTG Starmet teeth as standard, 400HB wear ribs sides and cutting edges. 

    500HB castings fitted around the lower floor areas, and on all the leading edges 

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  • Abiljo Ripper Bucket

    Ripper Buckets

    Our Heavy Duty ripper buckets are built to teh same specification as the heavy duty rock buckets with the addition of a strengthening central ripping rib and a V-cutting edge with the central tooth moved forward for maximum penetration force

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  • Cant see exactly what you need?

    With our full bespoke design and build service we can design and build buckets for any machine and application to suit your needs 

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