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Digging Bucket for 1 to 2 ton Mini Diggers

Digging Bucket for 1 to 2 ton Mini Diggers

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Our Digging Bucket is expertly crafted for 1-2 ton mini diggers, offering unparalleled durability and precision for your excavation needs. Designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your digging operations, this bucket is equipped with high-grade materials and optional features that cater to diverse digging requirements. Suitable for a wide range of machines, it's the perfect tool for small-scale excavation projects, landscaping, and utility work.

Key Specifications:

  • Side Plate: Made from 10mm thick steel, providing robust support and durability for challenging digging tasks.
  • Top Beam Tube: Features a 50mm diameter, reinforcing the bucket's structure and ensuring even stress distribution across the bucket.
  • Toe Plate: A 16mm thick HB280 toe plate offers exceptional wear resistance and strength, allowing for deep penetration into various soil types.
  • Mini Bolt-on Teeth (Optional): Enhance the bucket's digging capabilities with optional mini bolt-on teeth, designed for precision and efficiency in breaking through hard ground.
  • Reversible Blade: A 110mm long x 16mm thick HB280 reversible blade (optional) provides versatility and extended wear life, making it a cost-effective choice for various excavation tasks.

Average Delivery Time: Expect rapid delivery within 2-4 working days, ensuring you can swiftly proceed with your projects without significant downtime.

Compatibility: Our Digging Bucket is compatible with a variety of 1-1.9 ton machines, including, but not limited to:

  • JCB: 801 (all models), 16c/18c
  • Komatsu: PC15
  • Hitachi: EX/ZX14/15/18
  • Kubota: KX36/41 (25mm pin), KX41-3/KX015/016 (30mm pin)
  • Takeuchi: TB016/216/219
  • Hyundai: R16/19 (all models - note that -7 and -9 machines differ!)

Designed with the operator in mind, our Digging Bucket for 1-2 Ton Mini Diggers combines functionality with durability, ensuring your digging operations are not only efficient but also effective. Whether you're working on small-scale construction, landscaping, or utility projects, this digging bucket is your go-to tool for achieving precise and reliable excavation results

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