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Spring Quick Hitch for 35mm Pin Diggers

Spring Quick Hitch for 35mm Pin Diggers

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Introducing our Spring Quick Hitch, expertly designed for diggers with 35mm pins, to significantly enhance the versatility and productivity of your equipment. This manual hitch system streamlines the process of changing attachments, making it quick, easy, and secure. Ideal for a broad spectrum of tasks from construction to landscaping, this hitch enables rapid adaptation to various job requirements without the need for additional modifications or fittings.

Key Features:

  • Simple Installation: Our Spring Quick Hitch is crafted for immediate use, allowing for effortless fitting directly to your digger without the necessity for pipework or additional fittings. This design ensures it is ready for operation right away, helping to minimize downtime.

  • Enhanced Safety: Featuring a manual safety pin that cannot be completely removed, this hitch system emphasizes safety and attachment security. This innovative design prevents the loss of the pin and ensures that attachments are securely locked in place during use.

  • Robust Construction: Made from high-strength 400/450HB material, the lower main frame of the hitch offers outstanding durability and resilience. This construction is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

  • Compatibility with Standard Buckets: Designed to be used with standard buckets equipped with dummy pins, our Spring Quick Hitch eliminates the need for expensive bucket modifications. Simply attach a pair of pins to each attachment, facilitating a quick and efficient changeover process.

  • Quick Delivery: Recognizing the importance of keeping your projects on track, we offer a swift average delivery time of just 7 working days. This quick turnaround ensures that you can enhance your digger's capabilities without significant delays, maintaining efficient and productive operations.

Equip your digger with our Spring Quick Hitch for 35mm pins to experience improved flexibility, safety, and durability. Whether you're engaged in complex excavation tasks, site preparation, or detailed landscaping projects, this hitch system is an essential tool for ensuring your work is completed with efficiency and precision

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