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Spring Quick Hitch for Bobcat E08

Spring Quick Hitch for Bobcat E08

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Transform your Bobcat E08's versatility and efficiency with our Spring Quick Hitch. This hitch is ingeniously designed for ease of fitting, with no additional pipework or fittings required, making it immediately ready for use upon installation. The inclusion of a manual safety pin, which is designed to never be fully removed, enhances safety and reliability during operations.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Installation: Effortlessly fit the hitch without the need for any pipework or fittings, enabling immediate use.
  • Safety First: Comes equipped with a manual safety pin that cannot be totally removed, ensuring secure attachment at all times.
  • Robust Construction: The lower main frame is constructed from high-strength 400/450HB material, offering unmatched strength and durability.
  • Compatibility: Utilizes standard buckets fitted with dummy pins, eliminating the need for costly modifications. Simply requires a pair of pins for each attachment, ensuring straightforward compatibility.

Standard Specifications:

  • Machine Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Bobcat E08.
  • Pin Size: 30mm, ensuring a secure and stable connection.
  • Dipper Gap: 105mm, designed for a perfect machine fit.
  • Pin Centres: 123mm, facilitating easy and hassle-free installation.

Average Delivery Time: Expect your Spring Quick Hitch to be delivered within 7 working days, allowing you to enhance your machine's functionality promptly and efficiently.

Our Spring Quick Hitch is the ultimate solution for those seeking to maximize the utility and efficiency of their Bobcat E08. With its easy installation, safety features, and durable construction, it represents an essential addition for seamless attachment swaps, significantly reducing downtime and increasing productivity on any project.

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