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Spring Quick Hitch for JCB 803

Spring Quick Hitch for JCB 803

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Make & Model of Machine

We proudly present our Spring Type Manual Hitch, expertly tailored for seamless integration with all models of the JCB 803 series, including the 8030 ZTS, 8032 ZTS, 8035, and 8035 CTS. This innovative manual hitch system is the go-to choice for operators seeking a quick, reliable, and efficient way to interchange attachments without the hassle of additional pipework or fittings. Designed for immediate use after installation, this hitch simplifies the attachment exchange process without compromising safety or durability.


  • Ease of Installation: Specifically designed for straightforward fitting, this hitch does not require extra pipework or fittings, facilitating instant readiness for use.
  • Manual Safety Pin: Incorporates a safety pin that is designed to remain attached, offering an enhanced level of security during operations.
  • High Durability: Constructed from robust 400/450HB material for the lower main frame, ensuring superior strength and longevity for extended service life.
  • Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with standard buckets that are fitted with dummy pins, thereby eliminating the need for costly modifications. Only a pair of pins for each attachment is needed, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

Machine Setup:

  • Pin Size: 35mm
  • Dipper Gap: 135mm
  • Pin Centres: 131mm

Standard Features for All Hitches:

Our Spring Quick Hitch is constructed to the highest quality standards, featuring a lower main frame made of durable 400/450HB material. This ensures the hitch can withstand the demands of rigorous use in various applications, maintaining strength and durability.

Delivery Time:

  • Average Delivery Time: 7 working days, enabling a swift enhancement of your machine's versatility and operational efficiency.

Our Spring Type Manual Hitch for JCB 803 series excavators is an essential tool for maximizing productivity and reducing downtime. It allows for quick, secure attachment changes, enhancing efficiency and ensuring safety in every operation. Upgrade your excavation and landscaping capabilities with our Spring Quick Hitch, designed to meet the demanding needs of modern construction and landscaping projects.

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