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Stone Rake for JCB 801

Stone Rake for JCB 801

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Maximize your JCB 801's site preparation and landscaping efficiency with our Stone Rake attachment, expertly designed for durability and precision. This rake is crafted with 6mm thick side plates and riddles, ensuring robust performance in sorting and clearing debris. The 50mm riddle gap allows for efficient material separation, while 400HB steel tips provide exceptional wear resistance. The rake's structure is reinforced with a 50mm diameter top beam tube and a solid 100mm by 10mm base edge, offering additional durability and performance longevity.

Product Specifications:

  • Durable Materials: Constructed with 6mm thick side plates and riddles, combined with 400HB steel tips for superior wear resistance.
  • Efficient Design: A 50mm riddle gap for effective sorting and debris separation, enhancing your landscaping tasks.
  • Robust Structure: Supported by a 50mm diameter top beam tube and a 100mm by 10mm base edge for increased strength.

Machine Compatibility:

  • Specifically tailored for the JCB 801, with a pin size of 25mm, dipper gap of 95mm, and pin centres of 90mm, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Average Delivery Time: Anticipate your Stone Rake to be delivered within 3 to 4 working days, allowing you to swiftly improve your machine's capabilities and tackle landscaping projects with enhanced efficiency.

This Stone Rake attachment is a must-have for JCB 801 owners looking to boost their machine's landscaping and site preparation capabilities. Its robust construction and thoughtful design guarantee to meet the challenges of any job, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and ease.

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