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Excavator Conversion Bracket Sets: Seamless Adaptation for Your Machinery

Unlock the full potential of your excavation equipment with our Excavator Conversion Bracket Sets. These innovative sets are designed to seamlessly convert your existing bucket or attachment to fit a new machine, ensuring versatility and extending the usability of your investment.

Product Features:

  • Customizable Fit: Each set includes 2 profiled plates with pre-drilled holes positioned at the correct centres to fit the machined bosses. This design allows for a broad compatibility range, making these brackets suitable for virtually any type of bucket or attachment you own.

  • High-Quality Components: The set features 4 machined bosses tailored to take the pins, with specifications matching OEM standards, including drilling when required. This attention to detail guarantees a secure and precise fit, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Added Flexibility: With extra material on the profiles, our bracket sets offer the flexibility to be cut and adjusted to suit any bucket or attachment type. This adaptability means that you can modify the brackets to meet the specific needs of your equipment, providing a truly customized solution.

  • Complete Solution: Our Excavator Conversion Bracket Sets come with all necessary components, including pinlocks where required, to ensure a comprehensive conversion solution. By supplying the set as loose items, we offer the flexibility for professional setup and welding, tailoring the fit to your precise requirements.

  • Preparation for Use: Please note, the set requires setting up and welding together before use. This ensures a secure and durable connection, optimized for the unique demands of excavation work. We recommend professional installation to achieve the best results and maintain the integrity of your machinery.


  • Extend Equipment Life: By allowing your buckets and attachments to fit new machines, these conversion bracket sets extend the usable life of your existing equipment, offering significant cost savings and reducing the need for new purchases.

  • Enhance Machine Versatility: Equip your machinery to handle a wider range of tasks by adapting different attachments to fit. This versatility can significantly increase operational efficiency and the capability of your fleet.

  • Ensure Secure Attachments: Precision-engineered to meet OEM specifications, our bracket sets provide a secure, snug fit for your attachments, enhancing safety and reliability during operation.

Ideal for construction companies, equipment rental businesses, and any operation looking to maximize the flexibility and efficiency of their excavation equipment, our Excavator Conversion Bracket Sets represent a smart investment in your machinery's capability and longevity

Excavator Bracket Sets