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40mm Shim Pack

40mm Shim Pack

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Elevate the functionality and precision of your heavy machinery with our expertly designed 40mm Precision Shim Pack. Tailored for use with excavator buckets and other machinery requiring precise pinned connections, this shim pack is essential for maintaining optimal equipment performance.

Pack Details and Specifications:

  • Comprehensive Selection: The pack includes a well-rounded assortment of shims to accommodate various levels of adjustment, featuring 2 x 3mm, 2 x 2mm, and 4 x 1mm shims. This range allows for precise fitting and adjustments, catering to different wear conditions and requirements.
  • Precision Sizes: With a 40mm internal diameter and a 60mm outside diameter, these shims are designed for a perfect fit, ensuring solid and secure connections across a variety of machinery joints.
  • Laser-Cut Accuracy: Employing advanced laser cutting technology, our shims are crafted with exceptional precision. This meticulous approach ensures each shim meets stringent accuracy standards, critical for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of machinery connections.

Key Advantages:

  • Combat Wear and Tear: Operational wear in machinery, particularly at moving joints, can lead to inefficiencies and increased maintenance. By integrating these precision shims at critical wear points, you can significantly reduce unwanted play in all main joints—such as booms, dippers, and bucket connections—prolonging the life of your machinery.
  • Enhance Control and Precision: Loose connections can detrimentally impact machinery control, making operations less accurate and more challenging. Our shims help tighten these connections, resulting in enhanced control precision and smoother operations, which, in turn, boosts productivity and operational safety.
  • Versatile Application: Designed for excavator buckets, quick hitches, and any equipment with pinned connections, these shims offer a versatile solution to maintaining tight tolerances and precision alignment across various machinery, ensuring they operate at their peak.

Durable and Reliable: Constructed from high-quality materials and designed to endure the demands of heavy-duty use, our shims guarantee durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring your equipment continues to operate efficiently.

Invest in our 40mm Precision Shim Pack to ensure your machinery operates with the utmost precision and efficiency. These laser-cut precision shims are crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of your heavy equipment, keeping it a reliable and productive part of your fleet

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