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Grading Bucket for 7 to 10 ton Excavators

Grading Bucket for 7 to 10 ton Excavators

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Unlock the full potential of your excavation projects with our advanced Grading Bucket, specifically designed for 7 to 10 ton excavators. This bucket is a testament to superior craftsmanship and engineering, tailored to meet the demands of more extensive and challenging grading tasks. Featuring robust construction and high-quality materials, it includes:

  • 12mm Thick Side Plate & Centre Rib: These components are engineered for unmatched durability and strength, ensuring your bucket can handle the toughest of operations without faltering.
  • 80mm Diameter Top Beam Tube: This feature reinforces the bucket's structure, promoting an even distribution of stress and enhancing its overall longevity.
  • 20mm x 200mm HB280 Toe Plate: Made from high-quality HB280 wear-resistant steel, this toe plate offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear, making it suitable for intensive excavation work.
  • 8mm Thick Wrapped Wear Ribs: These ribs provide an additional layer of protection, significantly extending the lifespan of your bucket by guarding against excessive wear and tear.
  • Reversible Blade (Optional): For those seeking to maximize utility and efficiency, the optional 20mm thick HB280 reversible blade is a perfect choice. It extends the operational life of the bucket, ensuring your investment goes even further.

Average Delivery Time: We are committed to delivering your Grading Bucket within 7-10 working days. This ensures you can quickly integrate this essential tool into your operations, minimizing downtime and keeping your projects moving forward.

Designed for durability and performance, our Grading Bucket is the ultimate tool for your 7 to 10 ton excavators. It not only meets the rigorous demands of modern excavation work but also provides a cost-effective solution by enhancing efficiency and extending wear life.

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