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Spring Quick Hitch for 40mm Pin Diggers

Spring Quick Hitch for 40mm Pin Diggers

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Elevate the functionality and versatility of your diggers equipped with 40mm pins using our Spring Quick Hitch. This meticulously designed manual hitch system is engineered to simplify and expedite the process of changing attachments, enhancing your operational efficiency across a wide range of tasks. It's an ideal solution for construction, landscaping, and any project requiring multiple attachment changes, ensuring your equipment is adaptable and ready for immediate use.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Installation: The Spring Quick Hitch is designed for ease, allowing for quick and straightforward fitting directly onto your digger. It eliminates the need for additional pipework or fittings, making the hitch ready for instant use and significantly reducing downtime.

  • Enhanced Safety Feature: With a manual safety pin that cannot be completely removed, this hitch system prioritizes the safety of operations. This design feature ensures that the pin remains attached to the hitch at all times, securing attachments firmly in place during use and preventing accidental detachment.

  • Durable Construction: Built from high-strength 400/450HB material, the lower main frame of the hitch offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear. This robust construction is designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty operations, providing a long-lasting and reliable performance.

  • Standard Bucket Compatibility: Our Spring Quick Hitch is compatible with standard buckets equipped with dummy pins, facilitating seamless and efficient attachment changes without the need for costly modifications. Simply equip each attachment with a pair of pins for a quick and secure exchange.

  • Rapid Delivery Service: Understanding the importance of project timelines, we commit to an average delivery time of just 7 working days. This ensures that you can swiftly enhance the capabilities of your diggers, keeping your operations on schedule without unnecessary interruptions.

By integrating our Spring Quick Hitch into your fleet of diggers with 35mm pins, you unlock enhanced efficiency, safety, and versatility. This system is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction and landscaping projects, ensuring your equipment remains highly adaptable and ready to tackle a variety of tasks with ease

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