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Grading Bucket for JCB 3CX

Grading Bucket for JCB 3CX

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Upgrade your JCB 3CX and 4CX with our high-quality Grading Bucket, designed to deliver unmatched precision and durability for your grading projects. This bucket is engineered with the strength to handle a variety of tasks, from site preparation to landscaping and finishing work. Featuring robust construction and optional enhancements, this grading bucket is an essential tool for achieving smooth, precise finishes on every project.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: Our Grading Bucket is built with 10mm thick side plates and a 10mm thick centre rib, ensuring superior strength and durability. The 80mm diameter top beam tube reinforces the bucket's structure, enabling it to withstand the demands of heavy-duty grading tasks.

  • Optimized Grading Performance: The 20mm x 200mm HB280 toe plate enhances the bucket's ability to create smooth, precise grades. This feature ensures efficient material handling and optimal performance in a variety of soil conditions.

  • Versatile Reversible Blade: Equip your bucket with an optional 20mm thick HB280 reversible blade for increased versatility and longevity. This addition allows for easy adaptation to different grading tasks, extending the life of your bucket and enhancing its utility.

  • Quick Delivery: We understand the importance of keeping your projects on schedule, which is why we offer an average delivery time of 4-6 working days. This ensures that you can quickly enhance your JCB 3CX or 4CX's capabilities and continue your work with minimal interruption.

  • Machine Compatibility: Tailored for the JCB 3CX and 4CX, this grading bucket features a pin diameter of 1"3/4, a dipper gap of 6"7/8, and pin centres of 343mm. This precise fit ensures seamless operation and maximizes the efficiency of your machinery.

Enhance your JCB 3CX or 4CX with our Grading Bucket to achieve professional-grade results in your grading projects. Designed for durability, precision, and efficiency, this tool is an indispensable addition to your construction, landscaping, or agricultural equipment, ensuring you complete your projects to the highest standards.

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