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Grading Bucket for JCB 805 & 806

Grading Bucket for JCB 805 & 806

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Transform your JCB 805 and 806 series excavators, including models 805.2, 8052, and 8060, into precision grading machines with our robust Grading Bucket. Engineered for efficiency and durability, this grading bucket is designed to meet the rigorous demands of landscaping, construction, and site preparation, ensuring your projects are completed with unmatched precision and ease.

Key Features:

  • Superior Construction: Our Grading Bucket is constructed with a 10mm thick side plate and a 10mm thick centre rib, providing a sturdy frame that withstands the demands of heavy-duty use. The 70mm diameter top beam tube further enhances its structural integrity, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Enhanced Grading Performance: Equipped with a 20mm x 150mm HB280 toe plate, our grading bucket delivers exceptional performance in smoothing, leveling, and grading tasks. The precision of the bucket ensures even and consistent results on every surface.

  • Optional Reversible Blade: Customize your grading bucket with an optional 20mm thick HB280 reversible blade for added versatility and durability. This feature allows for easy adaptation to various materials and conditions, extending the bucket's lifespan and optimizing its performance.

  • Perfect Fit for JCB 805 & 806 Series: Tailored specifically for the JCB 805 and 806 series, our grading bucket features a pin diameter of 45mm, dipper gap of 165mm, and pin centres of 344mm. This ensures a seamless fit and optimal functionality with your excavator, enhancing its grading capabilities.

  • Rapid Delivery: We understand the urgency of your projects, which is why we offer a quick average delivery time of 4-6 working days. Get your grading bucket fast and keep your projects moving forward without delay.

Elevate your JCB 805 or 806 series excavator's capabilities with our Grading Bucket, designed for those who demand precision, durability, and efficiency in their grading tasks. Whether you're preparing a site for construction, creating landscapes, or leveling ground, this grading bucket is the essential tool you need to achieve perfect results every time.

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