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Hydraulic Breaker for 4 to 7 Ton Excavators

Hydraulic Breaker for 4 to 7 Ton Excavators

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The Green Attachments GA40 Hydraulic Breaker represents a step forward in hydraulic breaking technology, specifically tailored for excavators within the 4 to 7-ton range. This model is designed to deliver high-efficiency, durability, and unmatched performance for demanding construction, demolition, and excavation tasks. Fully equipped and ready for immediate deployment, the GA40 is an ideal tool for professionals seeking a reliable and powerful solution to meet the rigorous demands of their projects.

Key Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Perfectly suited for 4 to 7-ton excavators, the GA40 offers seamless integration with a wide variety of medium-sized excavators, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Package Contents: Comes complete with a custom-fit mounting bracket for your excavator, two durable chisels, hydraulic pipes and couplings, a comprehensive tool kit, and gas, providing a turnkey solution for immediate operation.
  • Performance: Engineered for versatility and power, the GA40 excels in a range of applications from demolition to excavation support. Its gas-operated mechanism delivers effective power and superior performance, making it an economically wise choice for those prioritizing both cost and efficiency.
  • Operating Advantages: Designed to operate effectively at higher back pressures compared to standard hydraulic breakers, offering enhanced flexibility and performance in various working conditions.
  • Delivery Time: Boasts an average delivery time of 6-7 working days, ensuring rapid availability for your projects without significant delays.

Product Features:

  • Versatile Application: The GA40 is built to handle an extensive array of tasks, demonstrating its capability in demolition, excavation, and more, with adaptability to various project demands.
  • Cost-Effective Performance: With its gas-type operation, the GA40 provides a powerful breaking capability at a more economical investment, aligning cost with high-level performance.
  • Ready for Immediate Use: The complete package facilitates a quick and straightforward setup, allowing you to commence work with minimal downtime, enhancing project efficiency.
  • Durability and Longevity: Constructed from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of demanding use, the GA40 ensures long-term reliability and sustained performance.

The Green Attachments GA40 Hydraulic Breaker is an indispensable addition to any construction, demolition, or excavation project, offering a blend of power, efficiency, and reliability for 4 to 7-ton excavators. With its comprehensive setup and advanced design, it is prepared to tackle a wide range of tasks, providing effective and efficient breaking solutions to boost your operational productivity.

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