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Tilting Grading Bucket for JCB 2CX

Tilting Grading Bucket for JCB 2CX

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Elevate your grading capabilities with our Tilting Grading Bucket, meticulously engineered for the JCB 2CX series, including the 3CX Compact. This advanced attachment is specifically designed for precise grading of banks, slopes, and various surfaces, offering exceptional flexibility and control. With its innovative design and robust construction, this tilting grading bucket is the perfect tool for achieving professional landscaping, construction, and site preparation results.

Key Features:

  • Precision Grading: Equipped with a single large bore double-acting arm, our Tilting Grading Bucket allows for precise adjustments and stability during operation. This ensures accurate grading on uneven terrains and slopes, enhancing the quality of your work.

  • Durable Construction: The hydraulic ram, a critical component of the tilting function, is shielded by a full-coverage front plate. This protective feature ensures the longevity and reliability of the bucket, safeguarding it against damage and wear.

  • Optimized for Auxiliary Service: Designed to operate off an auxiliary service, the bucket requires a flow rate of 50 to 70 litres per minute at a pressure of 2000 to 3000 psi. This specification guarantees efficient and smooth operation, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks.

  • Wide Coverage: With a width of 48 inches, this grading bucket covers a substantial area in a single pass. This efficiency is crucial for quickly and effectively grading large sites, saving time and labour costs.

  • Seamless Compatibility: Tailored to match the JCB 2CX series, including the 3CX Compact, the bucket features a pin diameter of 1" 1/4 (32mm), a dipper gap of 6.5", and pin centres of 234mm. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance with your machinery.

  • Quick Delivery: We are committed to minimizing downtime with an average delivery time of 7-9 working days. This prompt service ensures that you can enhance your equipment's capabilities and continue your projects with minimal interruption.

Our Tilting Grading Bucket transforms your JCB 2CX series, including the 3CX Compact, into a versatile and precise grading machine. Whether you're working on landscaping, construction, or site preparation, this attachment provides the flexibility, durability, and performance needed to achieve excellent results, making it an indispensable tool for your operations

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